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    Default Silly Idea - Trampire

    Buddy of mine is playing again and has a number of characters in the teens he's going to cap. He prefers to duo and I've got some spare character slots. I'm staring at spinning up two iconics just to run with him for a bit. Here's the first silly idea - curious if someone has done one of these yet.

    Morninglord has the elf DC boost, can boost INT but starts with the level of cleric tax. As an enchanter, you're either a Bard or a Wizard. Wizard will miss the capstone, so how can you make that difference up?

    The Trampire
    Morninglord - 1 Cleric / 2 Bard / 17 Wizard
    • Start Cleric at 1st, then Bard, then wizard for a long time, then bard again later (or at 20)
    • Should be minimally 1 cleric 2 bard 12 wizard at 15 when you start the iconic - that should be enough for self healing
    • For comparision, I'm looking at 16 as the baseline for effectiveness. That would be at-worst 1 cleric 2 bard 13 wizard (7th level spells)

    Feats: Spell Focus Enchant, Greater Spell Focus Enchant, Spell Pen, Greater Spell Pen + three others (Insightful? PA/Cleave/Great Cleave? MT/IMT? Enlarge?)
    Wizard Feats: Quicken, Maximize, Heighten, Extend
    *** since this is an iconic, I can't sham in PL Wizard, PL Bard for more enchant.
    *** if the enhancements support pushing strength, I'd probably drop Greater Spell Pen and go Insightful + PA / Cleave / Great Cleave but I need to do the math first

    Key enhancements:
    • Disciple of Darkness & DiD neg boosters
    • INT from Morninglord, PM and if possible AM
    • Enchant DC boost from Morninglord
    • Vampire form
    • Spellsinger + Marigold crown

    I need to do the math - curious if someone has some of this spec'd out already. It should be amusingly silly. [list][*]If I can make the stats work, there's a path for Skaldic Rage, Divine Power in the mix too (PA, Cleave, Great Cleave + hammer time bonuses). Even with moderate CHA you can get decent enough STR to matter at 15 (rage 2 + tensers 4 + skaldic 4 + divine power 7 = 17 bonus to STR ... given a base of about 26 to start, that's a 43 STR - plenty enough for a Trampire.[*]Possible fascinate / haunted option (should have the perform for a decent enough check if you wanted).[*]Arcanum, ASF reduction from elf for some PRR.[*]Warchanter possibly PRR, Sprint Boost. Because, you know, Sprint Boost.[*]Divine vitality as an option from divine disciple

    I'm kinda torn with going more melee or not.

    Stats (at 16 with minimal gearing)
    • INT 18 (20) = 16 build points ... + 2 tome + 2 boat + 4 levels + 2 elf + 2 PM + 6 item = 38
    • CON 12 = 6 build points ... + 2 tome + 2 boat + 6 item = 22 (before rage, tensers)
    • STR 14 = 6 build points ... +2 tome + 2 boat + 6 item +2 vampire = 26 (and can boost w/ rage, tensers, skaldic, divine power if desired)
    • CHA 12 = 4 build points ... + 2 tome + 2 boat + 6 item +2 vampire = 24

    Enchant DC should be spell level 7 + 10 base + 1 marigold + 1 elf + 2 item + 2 vampire + 14 int = 37 - pretty solid at this level for a Dancing Ball (and again, with pretty trash gear).

    Given it's a PM, I can toss a Dreamspitter or some lootgen + enchant item on it and have control, self heals and probably good enough necro DCs to work.

    A bit later I'll add up the enhancement costs and see where I land.


    First glance it looks like I can fit in Vampire + 2 INT from PM, then T5 on AM for 2 more INT than above (so 40) and +2 more DC (from school mastery). The absolute core to fit in all the enchant DC boosters comes to close to 70 (including the unspecified junk you have to take to get your progressions). I'll see what it really looks like at 15 when I'm on later - but sadly, not enough to really push melee as hard as I'd like too.
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    Judging by the title I thought this was a build based on my ex-wife but hey ho... carry on.


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