I am hoping for some insight or conceptual ideas from vastly more experienced players than I, for my lvl 22 Pure Druid “Melee Wolf Form”.

From what I see on the forums there are several threads on splashing or multi-classing with a Druid melee build, however I am very interested in pure classes, all of my classes are pure and I hope someone can help me with some info to improve my current Druid.

The whole point of this build is not to just faceroll or bang my head against my keyboard and beat DDO, it's A LOT of button clicking but it's extremely fun and i can manage EN and (EH on certain quests) and would like some helpful info to improve my build. The build is based off of melee wolf form but with the ability to cast several spells from the druid line at 0 SP cost or negligible SP cost, 2 to 5 SP (due to Essence of the Shrike Enhancement). I have Displacement from both Elf and Shadow Dancer lines, the ability to heal myself indefinitely with Quickened or UnQuickened cure spells, regen, and also a never ending supply of SP as long as i'm critting during melee.. which i do.. a lot, and between myself and my pet decent damage.

Currently at work, and when I get home I have the whole wife, kids, dinner, draw baths thing going on so please excuse the rough format of this post.. I haven’t had a chance to put together a proper build template.

Lvl 22 Druid “Nature’s Warrior Enhancements” "Elf Class Enhancements" "
“All of the Defensive and Offensive Enhancements” but most noticeably:
Druid Capstone for the reduced casting time in wolf form.

Essence of the Shrike (Striking a blow focuses your mind and body. When you critically hit an enemy while in any wolf form, you gain [10/20] temporary spell points for 8 seconds.)

This Enhancement basically lets me cast several "Quickened or UnQuickened Druid Spells for 0 SP.
A short list of commonly used 0SP spells i use are:
-Produce Flame (Quickened)
-Take Down
-Splinterbolt (Quickened)
-Creeping Cold (Quickened)
-Gust of Wind (Quickened)
-Sleet Storm (Quickened)...I know most find this spell annoying but with FOM i find it amazing even if solo where grp mates can't yell at you , FYI i have put casters in Epic Hard on their Butts with this spell not to mention the no save Blind.
-Cure Serious Wounds (Quickened/UnQuickened 2sp/0sp to cast) Definitely one of the more important spells being that i can more or less keep myself alive indefinitely usually 100+hp a heal or more no crit.

There are more spells but for the sake of this thread i won't name them all and take up too much typing space.

For the Elf Class Enhancements i picked up the usual, +hit, +dex, but most noticeable the Dragonmark line for Displacement, to help my survive-ability.

Feats: well this is definitely one of the areas that may need some improvement, but i had to sacrifice some double strike and PR to get the desired overall effect.

-Lesser Dragonmark
-Extend Metamagic - 5min Displace
-Quicken Metamagic - basically the overall build revolves around it
-Shield Mastery
-Natural Fighting x2
-Improved Crit "Bludgeoning"

For my Epic Destiny i have Shadowdancer because: "oh at the moment I'm only rank 3 in SD" but..
-Evasion T5
-100% Dodge for 15 Seconds
-8% Perm Dodge with 8 Shards
-Improved Invisi with 90 Second Displacement
-Among other nice things like Pierce Gloom 100% hit chance unless natural 1 is rolled for 30 Seconds, and Grim Precision 15% fort bypass/3% Dodge bypass

For gear for me:
-weapon = Sacrificial Blade but i have other weapons i swap out to.
-Armor = Leaves of the Forest but its only lvl 15.. im farming for the lvl 22 or 23 one.
-Shield = Wall of Wood lvl 22
-Neck = Golden Guile (very nice with wolf form)
-Cloak = Drow Piwafi (errr i'm looking for a replacement)
-And other random gear, this isn't my main so i don't have much named items.

For gear on my Pet:
-Leaves of the Forest
-Random collar but i would like to turn Grave Wrappings or Ivy Wraps into a collar if able.

I don't have any of my stat information because i'm not in front of my PC at home, it's unavailable, but i'm a 28 point build with some +2 tomes.

Well i apologize again for the format of this post, when i have time i will try to clean up my posts a bit, any help is appreciated on the design or scope of this build.

Thanks all!