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    Default Shroud, how hard can it be...

    Last night I opted to help a guildy get his 19th run(need his 20 so we can TR already). After PUG'ing for a while we had what appears to be 8 or so melee, no casters, ranged or healers. So I decided to log my healer(was a THF melee cleric before the update. then just spec'ed him for healing). Ironically as I get back in the party another healer hits and joins. It was looking like a good makeup as we set off on hHard with 1 AA, 2 Cleric healers, 1 Druid, 1 Sorc and a bunch of melee.

    P1: only time I've ever failed this was in a 4 person elite run(and it hasn't happened since as I never knew there was a timer on it).

    P2: Woot I start off SW and as everyone starts making their way to me my PC freezes up(started doing this from U19). So I reboot quick and am back in game in about 7-10mins due to crazy log in loading screens. During that time I had tabs on what was going on because my wife was in the raid on here PDK, the party managed to kill the 4 red names 3 times and not get the crystal once. So I come back in with some hope I can make a difference, yeah right. 6 more attempts to break the crystal and we eventually got it, this is now 40 mins in to the raid and we move on. During this appalling ordeal some people shrugged it off saying "oh we must have to much DPS".

    P3: Starts, my one guildy solves 6 puzzles, I got another and 3 fountains watered and my wife solved another. What the hell was the rest of the party doing ?

    P4: We enter, now being the healer Im not to keen to go jump in with the mob to get things going, but after 2mins waiting around all standing on each other I stick up a BB and pull agro. Now we have "... to much DPS", Harry should go down quick, yeah right. Ok granted it could have gone worse, Harry comes and goes and we get him on the second attempt. Now I'm not sure if it was the fact I didn't give the other healer a chance to heal, but I used about 1000sp and his bar had hardly moved. For " much DPS" I really expected us to get Harry 1st time.

    P5: Pretty much same story as P4, I felt like I was solo healing, Harry didn't die quiet as fast as he should have seeing as we had this ubber DPS.

    All in all, about 90mins in a Shroud with a full "competent" party really is sad.

    The bellow where done by the book.
    I have 2 manned it in less time about the same time on hard:

    and 2 manned it in almost half the time on elite:

    Moral of the story is don't trust anyone but yourself?
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    Forgive me for guessing, but I have only pour post to go on, but I think the moral of this story is...communication goes a long way? If you don't know what the rest of the party is doing in part three or what the other healer was doing, ask them during the raid. It seems to me like it's possible this was the increasingly standard 'assumption shroud', that everyone assumes someone else is/knows to/is willing to do things at any given time and no one is talking much. I see less and less conversation of any sort in groups, either camaraderie or organizational quest topical chat.

    If there was attempts at communication, my apologies, there was no mention of any attempts at such in the story. And the way the story was written read to me like there wasn't.
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    Your part three was screwed over by lack of coordination. Regardless of how much DPS there was, if it is coordinated it passes on the first time every time.
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    No such thing as to much dps, never can be.

    Only people who are too drunk on their numbers to pay attention to agro and health of the monsters.

    Sadly, 90 minute pug shrouds is a tale 3 1/2 years old here on orien -.-

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    TL;DR: Slackers.
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    I do feel your pain. I lead this one Shroud where everyone talked or typed and we were very well organised, EXCEPT for one guy. After he killed Anur-Shub too early for the 3rd time, despite my repeated vox/chat instructions, I got the group to stop everything and line up in front of him, staring, healing up but otherwise ignoring combat, while he attempted to do it yet again. He was completely oblivious. Luckily he drew Mitanu's aggro as well, and subsequently died, at which point I dragged his stone to the center and left it there. All went swimmingly after that.

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