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That's unwarranted. Charonous is actually a nice player by the standards of forum folk.
Not buying it, and being smart, is in relation to Turbine and the bait and switch they've pulled with expansions - twice.

His post was quite constructive - if you don't own it, don't bother. There's nothing much there. Some fun quests, but that's it. They don't have much replay value, the loot is trash and the xp is bad.
If they at least had solid replay value, it'd be a different story. As it stands, it's a joke of an expansion and a complete waste of money.

If it had two raids, it'd be worth it, simply for something to DO with the new expansion.
A quest being bad is a matter of opinion, as is replay value. The loot may not be great, but if you enjoy the quests themselves, its the best value you can get.