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    What do you think about split Sorc/Bard. Currently i am testing Sorc2/Bard2 and i am planning to split up to Sorc16/Bard4 to reach tier 4 in spellsinger PrE. I can also boost Spellcraft (bard has many skill points), UMD (bard's class skill) and receive one USP per every point spend in spellsinger. I can also take wand and scroll mastery which is missing in the savant trees.

    I am only worry about DC, because as Sorc16 i cannot reach highest (9) level of spells and i will loose +2 DC and MCL on selected savant tree. I can take Spellsinger's Violet Marigold Crown (+1 DC evocation) but only if it stacks with Savant's evocation focus.

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    how is ur build going so far?

    I thought about Going 15 Sorc/5 bard, 15 Bard/5 Sorc..

    I think that 4 Fvs would work better than 4 Bard, u will also get the Wand/Scroll mastery at fvs lvl 4, + the temporary spell power and +3 caster lvls for fire.. I don't see Sorc really needing much Fascinate/Enthrallment but i guess it could come in handy. U'd have same lvl heals as 4 fvs.. i dont know if Bard gets more Spell power though.. More skill points but no Heal skill.

    I was in the situation where i wanted to go Sorc with a fleshie, unfortunately..

    I wish that Sorc/Bard had more synergy, but curious how its turning out

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