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    Default Windows 8 - Connect - Waiting....... forever. =D

    Hey, just got my new pc, it came with windows 8, then i was installing DDO, have the first problems with microsoft .net framework 3.5, but managed to fix it.

    Now i'm stuck at the main screen of DDO, "Connect - Waiting" .... it stays like this for a long time.... then "Connection Error".

    Anyone had the same problem?

    And anyone can help me with this?


    And sorry for bad english. *-*

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    I have had issues with ddo since I got my new windows 8 pc as well I can connect but have lag disconnects and other ugliness but not sure if its win 8 or u19 since they happened at the sametime.

    I have 32 gigs ram a 3 gig nvida graphics card and not happy with how my ddo experenice goes lately

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    Default Working now =D

    Well.... after a lot of atempts of install and reset computer.... it finally working.


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