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    Quote Originally Posted by cave_diver View Post
    Not a fan of most new explorer areas, this includes: wheelon, stormhorn, high road, kings forest, underdark, & Shynderlynn.

    Why? It is because 1st of all I'm not a fan of slayers and due to the fact I'm not a fan of slayers there is no incentive for me to run through them except to get to the quest ( I almost always invis to quest, and if party members want to kill on the way that's their prerogative).

    Prior update explorer areas all had a reason to kill named bosess (amrath- tod boot/shroud ing. cannith - items and alchemical ing, vale - shroud ing, necro - taps/tome&shield pages) this made it fun and worth while for me.

    Its my opinion, yours may vary.
    I can understand your dislike for Slayer areas, but the MOTU areas area goldmine of easy XP. In Sschinderlyn alne can get over 100K in a very short time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinggartk View Post
    I can understand your dislike for Slayer areas, but the MOTU areas area goldmine of easy XP. In Sschinderlyn alne can get over 100K in a very short time.
    Definitely agree that xp is pretty good (its why I invis and let others do the work ), I also like the artwork for the most part - except for that purple haze. I just need more incentive like they had in other older slayer areas.
    Quote Originally Posted by moomooprincess View Post
    I ran Where there is Smoke ELITE on a level 4, first life 28 hit point rogue, never TRd, no guild buffs, using a hireling cleric. One shotted two times at the first dog area.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tesrali View Post
    Go munt your grandma while wearing my freeway mitt!
    Main toons on G-land: IronMunter, Iamhal, Mehhh, Dahh

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    I am not a fan of the thorn attacks of the hounds in Wheloon. They last a trillion years and cause your character to stumble up every second, preventing you from using and opening things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FalseFlag View Post
    I cannot think of a better way you could have said it sucks. Anyone who thinks The Pit is the best quest in the game wouldn't know a good module if it kicked them in the XP. The Pit is a paragon of poor design on the part of the developers and how they nerf the game just to tell their story. Why, you ask?

    Because it, and quests like it are one of the main reasons this isn't available when is absolutely, positively should be:

    And with the Shadowfell effect, random effect named loot, and pay to travel. . . No. These areas are emblematic of what is wrong with the game and current dev team.
    These areas are pretty small to be fair its not like you need to pay to travel anywhere, the fact that you think you "need" to probably says more about your lack of patience than anything intriniscally wrong with the way they have been designed. You can easily run to any quest in Wheloon in less than a minute, probably even under thirty seconds. Perhaps you allow yourself to be fooled by the developers tendency to pander to those that prefer life on rails and have difficulty thinking outside the box.

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