I just went out and bought both the Core Rule Book and the Players Guide.

I love it!

I think I will have fun playing this for a very long time. It goes in a very different direction than what many are used to here playing DDO but I am on board. Perhaps you guys will be too.

I wanted to post this here because what better spot to showcase a Monte Cook game than a thread in DDO?

If a reader does happen to go out and buy this and uses it for their tabletop sessions, I'd love to read about opinions and any tales of your gaming adventures you're willing to share later on in this thread. That goes for anyone that is ahead of me as well; if you're already playing it every weekend, how has it been going thus far?

Ah! Before I forget, here's the link: http://www.numenera.com/

Enjoy! I think it's a great addition to any GMs/DMs repertoire.

Thanks all!