Specifically my main is a drow 18 tempest ranger/1 rogue /1 fighter.

I like the tempest tree, mostly. I think the dex for damage should include rapiers. The requirement to go into deepwood sniper to get dex to damage on rapiers is, in my opinion, a flaw.

I've delved into the AA tree which is something I've never done before. I got a nice boost to my ranged effectiveness.

The drow racial tree is horribly broken though it looks like it should have great synergy with tempest if it ever gets fixed.

I had high hopes for this character, but overall I'm underwhelmed by the changes to it. I think I came out about even, when on paper it should of been a nice boost to dps. (i.e. I added dex to damage and all the xendrik and tempest damage enhancements but came out with the same dps as before.)

How is it going for the rest of you dex fighters?