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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargouille View Post
    Some druid attacks are listed as spells so there is a choice between spellcasting and melee. If you want all the attacks for Wolf, you give up spell slots for doing other things. You can change your mind in town, but not in the middle of a dungeon.
    This mechanic, it seems to me, only makes problems for druid players. You see, these "attacks" are spells, and thus cannot be used when under the effects of rage, or under the effects of the beholder's anti-magic ability. It lowers the number of usable spells slots, which is not very relevant since druids have quite a few of those. As stated by others, the attacks-as-spells mechanic also prevents practical multi-classing and makes the druid weaker in melee. It makes sense for elemental form "attacks" to be spells, since they are clearly magical in nature. But bite and claw attacks? Pft.

    Please consider changing this.
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