Does anyone have a Good-Blade Sword of Tesius from the early days of 2006-8 ?

Only the very first Servers that are still in use have this Sword and after the merger of the original ones like for example: Xoriat which was merged into other ones. So if you ever had a character on Xoriat you might have one of these. There were many other servers too.

This sword is worth absolutely nothing and we were told to save it for one day it would be righteous and powerful so hold onto it so that Sir Good-Blade will shows its' Might and might one day make it a reward for keeping it. Upgrade-able because the NPC, Good Blade told us to hold onto it. And I feel kinda let down you know. Nothing ever became of this Sword.

This thread falls into two categories: An important part of the History of DDO and an Idea so it fits into General DDO.

Founders would come back and play DDO again once they heard word of this.

This would bring much joy!

Much joy!