Greeting Devs and playerbase,

I was always a fan of being able to snoop / showing off each others equipment, be it for bragging rights, stealing good ideas, of just having a good laugh.

I understand MyDDO was severely outdated, not sure if it was on purpose (maybe it was hitting DDO's performance?), but I would like to have something of the sort, as other games have. YourDDO is already quite good for this, but it's third party, and each update seems to slightly break it, forcing the poor programmer to update his code.

Some things I know are nice to see:
- The Character Sheet (Ability tab, Skill Tab, Equipment Tab)
- Quests Played Recently - and be done with the archaic /quest command
- Raids Played Recently - and be done with the archaic /quest command
- Correct number of TR's and their classes
- Number of Kills / Deaths - yes, I know I can check ingame my /death count
- Friends List (Public or Private)

As you well know, D&D is also played by many stat-monkeys (like myself). So this is something that is not urgent, but a good nice-to-have.

Carry on.