"Dude", "Clowns", add some nonsense on game mechanics, a fair share of stupidity and doom. Recipe for rebirth thread of the week!

Please keep this aliiiiive!

OP, at first I was really unhappy to be stuck as a sorc but after looking it up closely it really ain't that bad. I also used and liked to level up as a generalist then usually pick up air savant for wings if I wasn't just gonna TR right away.

The difference is so small (and i'd say it's just that, different and not weaker at all) that I can't believe you put so much rage into defending your already lost cause. Even worst, you still do. There are things about the sorc trees you clearly don't understand and I think you should give it another look/try.

Also, why would you want to put so much points in every single elements is something I just don't get. Did you really max em all out before? I mean, how can that be effective from your "pro sorc" point of view? I get the fact that you might prefer versatibility over DPS but it's just a bad way to roll a sorc since there is no content in the game that require this. I'd even say, there's no content where that could be beneficial. So, whining over you making bad decisions is kind of... "you chose".

It's fine that you want to sound knowledgeable, but it works better when you back it up with real facts and not just emotion filled opinions. Everything you say seems like a contradiction to me. It's like a super bad troll attempt in which you got owned but yet can't get out of it. You seem like those people that the more they accentuate and repeat something, the more it has a chance to be a lie. So, how old are you?