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    Default ED DC SLA vs Regular DC

    To compare ED DC SLA vs Regular SLA:

    - usually 10 + Char lvl + Stat Mod

    Regular DC
    - 10 + Spell lvl + Stat Mod + Spell Focus

    So we can subtract the 10 and Stat Mod from each. That leaves us Character Level vs. Spell Level + Spell Focus.

    So Level 28 vs 9 (due to heighten) + Spell Focus

    So 19 vs Spell Focus

    Spell Focus (cleric/evocation for example)
    3 past life (sorc)
    2 enhancement (cleric DD tree)
    3 ED (EA)
    3 twist (Magister)
    2 twist (DI)
    6 (TF)
    2 (Greater Evo aug)
    1 profane (TF armor)
    3 spell focus feats (sp focus, greater sp focus, epic sp focus)
    1 Arcane past life
    2 deific

    So if you max out your DCs you should get +9 DC vs best ED SLA DC. Let me know if I'm missing something.

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    Also, some are 20+half level + stat.

    Also, energy burst lists fortitude, but is in fact reflex.
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