I used to enjoy seeing great players play well. The feeling of being in a good VON3 group is like being part of a wolf pack.

Now, I see way too many players cheating at a huge scale. Having one of these is your party is good I guess, Its nice to have a 50 int wizard in heroic but it also makes the game empty. When people use epic destiny abilities at heroic it just seems so utterly empty. Now even good players are cheating more and more and now that I watch them they don't have the skills like they had because they just overpower it with epic abilities in mid level quests. Each life , I look forward to learning a bit more and playing better. These cheaters eat the life of the game, give new players a crazy unfair gulf to cross, complain about non cheating characters and diminish the game. I used to be impressed when good players play well now I think how many exploits they are doing. No one seems special anymore. What is the point of the Tour de France bike race if some people use motorcycles.

Now I feel increasingly like a sucker for actually playing the game. I see so many posts on the forum complaining about Pay2Win and yet that's nothing compared to these cheaters. What is even more galling I saw some people who cheat including who multiple shear users and said the game was too easy. If you cannot do an epic elite quest with multiple exploits then you have no idea how to play the game.

DDO is definitely changing but the unwillingness to address cheating is large and it is so odd that the game punishes those who want to stop cheating much worse than those who actually cheat. I am so afraid of the backlash from turbine that I made a different forum account to talk about this stuff. Also odd, racist anti jewish character names are unacceptable but when I reported an anti Asian name they ignored it. Odd but true too.

If you like the game, continue to play but never ever be impressed with another player because more often than not they are cheating now. We are the suckers now.