Ive been looking around for what class to make, im confused and down to a couple. A WF melee Radiant Servant, A Human Battle Bard, and A pure WF Arti. Just plain old straight builds just trying for the melee/caster kind of roll where im in armor, have a big ass axe, and self cast buffs and throw some AoE damage spells (or CC). And now that i might get Menace which comes with druid i will be adding that to list to, read nothing on them but heard they are a good melee/caster mix. However i came back to the Tukaw and Juggernaut builds, are they still good and functional now with U19? Please if anyone can help me.

-As a melee cleric i will have a low wisdom, thats gunna push my spell damage down right?
-If im bard, will Greater Shout or Otto's dance spells even land?
-Are there such thing as THF Arti's?
-Druids Good spell/melee? (Flame Blade version i think were i have flame blades and wall of fire?)
-Will Tukaw, or Juggernaut work as 1st life 28pt?
-Are expansions worth buying?

What i do have is 28pt, Arti, Monk, Drow, WF thats about it. Perfer to stay away from Tomes unless u can get on quests?

THANK YOU (Say all the **** you want, Im a noob and that guy who cant make a decison.)