Nomadic is currently level 55 and we are looking to expand the ranks to share the benefits of the the guild and help contribute to its continued growth.

Nomadic spawned as a result of a desire for a challenge, and the need to get away from large "guild politics".

While guild runs can be fun, and are encouraged, no member is required to participate in them. Players that prefer to solo/pug are welcome in Nomadic along with those seeking more of a team experience. In other words, all play styles are welcome.

The main goals of Nomadic are to keep the game experience as friendly and as fun as possible.

We are accepting members of all classes and level ranges.

Requirements for membership.

-Nomadic is a mature guild, members must be 18-years old or older.

-Members are expected to be active players and have a working knowledge of the game. Being "uber" is not a requirement.

-Members are not expected to be VIP, but should be premium players. At the very least own one adventure pack. This requirement is only in place to show some commitment to remaining active and playing on a regular basis.

-As a member of Nomadic you must not take yourself or this game too seriously. We're all here to have fun, and we all get by with a little help from others. So, that infamous Khyber "drama" will be kept to a minimum in Nomadic. Trolling, making fun of other players, and just being disrespectful of others will NOT be tolerated. No one guild or player is any better than another.

If you think Nomadic may be a fit for you, would like to get on board with friendly guild just staring to grow please feel free to hit me up.

You can PM me here on the forums, or message me in game at any of the toons, Bentor, Benthamer, Bentvalve, Bentmetal.

If I'm not available you can also look up a Nomadic officer in game and they will be happy to help you.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!