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    Default Help with FS build

    I am starting DDO again next week and I will be TRing into either a FS or a wizard. He will be a 36 pt build with previous lives in sorc/fs/wiz/cleric. I have been gone for a year. With the changes since then what would be good builds for them? If i go wiz he will TR at 20 again. If i go FS he will stay a FS for awhile and play with epic lvls. What would be the best lvling build for wiz and best epic build for FS. FS will be wanting to heal and solo mainly so good dmg solo will be big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sehenry03 View Post
    I am starting DDO again next week and I will be TRing into either a FS or a wizard.
    Check in the Favored Soul Forums. There are some good U19 Builds. Like:

    False-Hope-Melee-Soul or NovaSoul

    I won't play warforged so I have never checked out the Archmagi tree, and not sure how it is with the new enhancements. Palemasters are still pretty excellent. If you are looking for some new flavor, there is a string of popular 12 wiz (for wraith form for 25% incorporeal and self healing) 8 monk or something.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sehenry03 View Post
    If i go wiz he will TR at 20 again.
    I was strongly recommend you do some quick explorers at least to farm some ED experience if you are not capped yet. 25+ feats are now dependent on which destinies you have completely capped. There are also grumblings of what they might be doing to ED once you TR. Hell you just run out in all the 20+ explorers areas (Gaint Hold, King's Forest, High Road, Underdark, Sinderlyn, Wheloon, and Storm Horns) and you can easily get 1 mil xp without a pot running. Ran out in the storm horns the other day first time slaying everything as we went and got 260k xp. It is easy XP for Destinies before you TR again.
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