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    #1 "Escape Plan" - This is the only quest I can think of where I would actually point to it and go, "that, sir, is a crappy design." It reminds me of Max Payne 3 where you are moving along, playing the game, and then there is a cut-scene where you screw everything up, then you are back to playing again and having to cope with the screw up cut-scene-you just made. No actual cut scene in Escape Plan, but a functional one.

    #2 "Madstone Crater" - I find it long and tedious and it nullifies my favorite tactics (enchantment.) I'm not saying it is badly designed, I just do not enjoy it. Personal taste.

    #3 "Against the Demon Queen" - Sadly, because it is actually an excellent quest... but I have to run it 65 bazillion times to torc farm and just getting to it annoys the snot out of me. I run it over and over on casual to flag... so it has become nothing more than a chore impeding the thing that I actually want to do (Zawabi's Revenge.) So it isn't the quest itself so much as the game dynamics surrounding it.

    Honorable Mention "The Crypt of Gerard Dryden" - Amongst a series of fun short quests, this one has a bland map, vast over use of bland monsters, repeated annoying abuse mechanic, and is at a level that makes only one tactic viable. Melee. For years this was my most loathed quest.

    I always find these lists interesting. CC almost always is the A#1 "winner" of this list. Personally I like CC just fine. Its difficulty/annoyances is more than made up for by the XP rewards for my tastes. I think CC's biggest issue is that it is a flagging quest for critical content. It utilizes a novelty-mechanic (which we refer to as Mario-Skills) and it is long. CC and Tomb of the Tormented probably suffer most from taking novelty mechanic and over using it.

    The other one that is frequently mentioned is the Tangleroot series. Personally the same reason many people hate it is the reason I love it. The covering the same map, repeatedly going just a little bit further each time... I find that novel. Sorrowdusk does teh same thing to a lesser degree, and if this tactic was used frequently, it would tick me off, but as it is, I like it.
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    I confess a fondness for Coalescence Chamber even though it is long because it's the first Vale quest I learned how to solo. Rainbow in the Dark was second, followed by Sleeping Dust. Still usually can't solo Ritual or Running with the Devils, the one because that stupid wizard suicides and the other because the self-healing boss mobs require too much DPS to down and I'm usually too lazy to do that kind of leveling build.

    Gladewatch Outpost is pretty dreadfully boring, but I can't say there are any quests I genuinely hate. I've learned workarounds for pretty much all the mechanics I dislike. Even Library of Threnal only bothers me because you pretty much need a group to do that one and people INSIST on standing RIGHT ON TOP of unconscious Coyle and PULLING AGGRO ONTO HIM even after you TELL THEM TO STOP MULTIPLE TIMES. "But I'm defending him!" NO, you're not. You're PULLING AGGRO ONTO HIM. Stand WHERE THE MOBS SPAWN instead.

    Honestly, the worst aspect of this game is just idiots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan_Milic View Post
    Thats tomb of tormented, blighted is the one with oozes and blighted water that damages your stats.
    But those are the reasons why tormented is my worst quest in the game, you either do everything or nothing.
    2nd one is protecting coyle for 15 min, hold for reinforcement I think.
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    Some of mine are on other, maybe not so much.

    I hate most of those quests where there's a "escort/protect/defend the idiot NPC who wont listen to "STAY HERE" and seems determined to get themselves slaughtered" mechanic:

    • Binder Rescue (the whole family is incredibly stupid; when told "stay here" they inevitably run out in to the hall, into combat, in a suicidal rush)
    • Hold for Reinforcements (Coyle...ugh)
    • Last Stand (especially lately, as the return of the lagmonster has made it darn near impossible to keep the NPC alive through the 3rd wave of attackers)
    • Gladewatch Outpost Defense (again....the NPC can't seem to comprehend the phrase "stay here"....her last name must be Binder)
    • Redemption, although this one isn't so bad because it's easy to keep him alive; and escorting Arlos out of the prison in Waterworks, at least he stays parked so you can clear the way and go back and get him and lead him out without danger)

    I used to hate The Pit - the first time through, I even had a Vet who was a teacher/guide, and when we were done, I swore I'd never run that quest again. But I did. After learning the pathing, it's not so bad. And the XP at level is pretty awesome.

    Can't stand Into the Deep. I loathe that quest. The first time it was all cool with the novelty of underwater combat, yeah yeah yeah. But now it's just....long and boring...takes forever to get anywhere underwater...kind of annoying in combat cause you cant tell if you're in melee range or not with the fishheads swimming above you. In fact I'm in the midst of soloing the Red Fens quests on Epic now (been through them on EC and doing EN now) and I'm procrastinating doing Into the Deep because....ugh. What a long slow trudge. For nothing but XP, really; cause when they Epicced those quests, they forgot to upgrade the end rewards, so you're still getting the same junk you would get at level 9.
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