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    Default After a return to DDO - feedback

    I left DDO shortly before the first expansion due to RL activities... I played for 2 weeks of late and experienced both expansion's content and went from level 20-25.

    Have to say I am quite surprised:

    a. That Turbine would re-write the book on game expansions and not release enough NEW content to support the level range increases. Sorry, I am not going to grind epic versions of old content to level. A bit of this is OK but I was amazed how fast I chewed through the new content..

    b. That population has gone so far down since I last played ( spring 2012 ).

    c. Content is no where near as interesting as the older stuff ( madness saga was great ) aside from a few exceptions ( demonweb, purple worms )

    My hope is that Turbine realizes that expansions+level increases need enough content to warrant the level increase not just rehashes of old content. I wonder if LOTRO is like that as well ?

    How about some new armor models that are actually drops in the game and not premium purchases in the store ?

    Anyway, take care all !

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    agreed. I hate running old stuff just epic'd. 8 different settings for a one quest is just too much. SO I can run von 3 heroic casual, normal, hard and elite and epic casual norm hard and elite. After beating it up in heroic why do I want to run it at epic levels. And now high road is heroic. THis game is getting tired.

    Now epic is really just a new setting. Nothing epic about epic. EE ya. the rest no.

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