So, I am still pretty far away from being able to do my first TR (level 13 wizard), but I was looking at the past life feats and had a couple questions.

First, I am not sure I completely understand the wizard feat. The wiki says " Each time you acquire this feat you gain +2 to spell penetration checks and the DC's of Wands you use". My question is the +2 spell penetration for all spells and for wands or is this only an enhancement to wands? If it is just wands I am not sure how much I like this feat.

That leads me to my second question. I have the lv20 heart from the last patch. Could I go to level 20 as a wizard then reset my characters levels to some other class that I feel has a better past life? For example could I change my character to a level 20 Paladin and then wait the week and TR?