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i am trying a pure bard this life.. i want to LR+3 him to 2 rogue for evasion and possibly 1 cleric for Divine Might, but i'd need to spend $$$ to get enough Trap skills, so i'm gonna try for pure first.

2 Rogue gives Shiv and Bleed it out, both 3[W] attacks, 1 Cleric's Divine Might could give perhaps 12-16 more strength and 6-8 more base damage. Haven't tested this but sounds nice. Even hoping it is boost enough to make my Throwing weapons not suck too badly.
I am thinking about 1 cleric (3 awareness (+3 search/spot/listen +1 trap save), divine might, +90 spell points, altruisim 3 (30 positive sp)), 4 arti, 15 bard. Arti for trapping, more spell points, free mm feat, field engineer 3, endless fusilade, more trapping, universal spellpower, umd bonus bits (wands/scrolls/whathaveyou) and various self-boosts.