I have been trying, over the last week, to figure out what the problem my PC has connecting to DDO. I am currently running a AMD 6 Core, with 8Gig Ram, and a NVIDIA GeForce 430 Video Card with Windows7. I am running through a High speed cable modem. 2 other computers can connect to ddo, this one can't.

I have tried downloading High and low res DDO, Clean Boot, Total uninstall and reinstall, replacing the .net 1.1, /purgedns, TurbineRegistergdf.app, everything but sacrificing a baby to the server gods. (and almost thinking about that.) I have copied old files from other computers that can connect, and even tried a system restore. I was online when the server crisis hit last week and was TRYING to purchase something from the DDO store.

if anyone has been through this and knows the answer, PLEASE let me know.