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With dex to damage on elves and rogues nowdays, arcane archer became more newbie friendly, due to having to invest in less stats.

Wis/Dex build, with a side order of con for good measure. Something like 11 ranger, 6 monk, 3 rogue.

High stunning fist DC
High EIN in GMoF
Weapon finesse + assassin3 core = dex to damage w/ melee weapons that all use finesse to hit.
Grace = dex to longbow damage
Lots of SA dice that can be picked up.
Manyshot + 10k stars
Can work on many different class splits - without having to build for bow str.
first I would ignore ALL advice chai gives you. He actually doesn't play the game he just posts on forums all day. Second the best class mix for the build he speaks of is actually 8 fighter/ 6 monk/ 6 ranger. My guildmate redwedding invented the FURYSHOT build. This mix works ranged or melee and you can remained centered with your choice of melee weapons.