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    Default Leveling up ranger padtfor my artie.. questions

    So Im thinking of running a ranger past life or two after my artie finishes capping EDs. Three questions. For the run from 1 to 20 should I go pure ranger or some mix for the easiest run? Secondly what equipment should I farm for that run? Thirdly what ED twists are recommended?

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    1) 18 Rgr/2 Rogue. It'll play a lot like your current Arti if you go AA, or Tempest is always a powerful option in melee.

    2) All you really need is a pair of good weapons, I like the Cannith Khopeshes at L16 (14 with MC, which should be fixed soon). A good bow is also worthwhile, for an AA of course but also for a melee, as a ranged backup. Really, though, lootgen is improved enough that its not that beneficial to grind out too much twink stuff, except for your usual items of convenience (Pendant of Time, Planar Gird, Royal Guard Mask, etc.)

    3) None. You're in Heroic, you cant use Twists, and if you're already capped on your EDs, there's no point in going past 20 on your Ranger life anyway :P

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    cannot go wrong with cocoon. primal scream can be nice as a buff and room cleaner. that fiery elemental thing summon
    this is what I saw when running with some TRs in the past weeks

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