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    Default A more developed and less scitzo crafting system

    IMO one of the Major issue DDO has is we have like 50 crafting systems. (and they keep coming) so instead of making a new creating system for every new raid and area instead have tem grant "recipes or blueprints" for the crafting system instead (ie. Cannith Challenges each challenge has chest for each star obtained with a decent chance of a recipe dropping a mournlode maul recipe)

    Now for the actual crafting system. The way I see it, players should have to choose a "Profession" of crafting it promotes trade and your more likely to actually get the relevant recipes you need. Crafting is entirely based around Essences, Dragonshards and collectables. NPC collecters are now vendors who sell their stock for plat (because hoping for the right random augment is a PITA, also it would be nice for PMs to buy Harm scrolls from their special vendor since we didn't get it as an SLA)

    First I'd take "Cannith" crafting and rename it "Enchanting" because that's pretty much what it is...this "Profession" is special in that everyone can use it and it doesn't use "recipes" it pretty much remains the way it is now except with new "Enchants" added to coincide with the newest Prefix and suffixes added to lootgen items.

    Note: The Crafting "Professions" below include some stuff assuming a personal housing system exists, also all Professions of have the ability to imbue their items with superior quality (ie. a Darkwood Q-Staff or Silver Scimitar) and all items created by players come with the "Enchantable item effect" (same as craftable effect except changed to match name change)

    Fletcher - This one primarily makes bows,xbows,bolts, arrows,leather stuff, boots and gloves

    Carpenter - Makes wood stuff like Some trinkets, Wooden shields, Quarterstaffs, Mauls, Greatclubs, even some druid-safe leaf or wooden armor, Also stuff for guild ship/housing stuff but has some cool in-quest the rest bench :P

    Blacksmith - Pretty simple Metal Weapons and Armor, can make a few things for guild ship/housing like a new stove

    Alchemist - Potions, Augments, Throwable potions with various effects (like sun flask,pumpkin bomb) and Dyes for Armor and helmets/goggles

    Magitech - THIS is Cannith crafting...runearms, docents, pet collars, goggles, some gloves and belts, weird clickies this is one of the VERY few things I wouldn't mind if turbine were "inspired" by WoW for...the engineer craft was one of the few things I actually enjoyed just all kinds of weird and wacky somewhat unreliable gadgets.

    Seamstress - Cloaks, Robes, some gloves and hats, some guildship/housing related stuff, handwraps, Outfits

    Jeweler - Rings, Crowns, some gloves, trinkets, etc.

    Arcanist - Mainly Wands and Scrolls but also a few trinkets and hats and last but definitely Not least the ability to convert normal armor into a cosmetic armor.

    Now a couple questions for you guys

    Anything obvious/cool I missed for any of the above "professions"?

    Any other "Professions" I may have missed?

    Also should each house have different crafting zones? Should they just all be in the house cannith? Maybe sort of "Crafting Hall" with different section for each craft? (like the crafting Hall is now except with 5 or 6 sections instead ot the two with the bank mailbox and elevator exit all in the center or something..kinda of like a bicycle wheel)

    Like This:

    Fletcher & Blacksmith in House D
    Enchanting & Magitech in House C
    Alchemist and Arcanist in House P
    Jeweler in House K
    Carpenter in House J

    Note: The Crafting professions are far less complicated than Enchanting for your crafting you just walk up to your relevant work area/building and it opens up a simple craft UI with your list of recipes (separated into collapsible sections of course so you don't have an annoyingly long list) and clicking on an item tells your the requirements and you click craft i you have the required items. Only recipes you currently own are listed in this UI making discovering new recipes a fun can drop out of a variety of content from all levels including special seasonal events.
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