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    Default DB (ery)

    I don’t know if it’s just me, or if there is a general lack of consideration on the LFM boards lately. If I have an LFM up and I’m waiting on someone in particular or a certain class, I’ll update the LFM to reflect this, or send the person a tell letting them know (just to be considerate). There have been 3 or 4 times in the past couple days that I’ve applied to LFM’s that seem to have a pretty balanced party, and gotten no response or reply- only a rejection when the party has been filled.

    Having put up LFM’s myself, I understand that sometimes the request can get buried in the chat channel (especially if in a quest), so I’ll send a tell if I don’t hear back after a time (nothing rude, just a polite inquiry) – No reply, no nothing. Is it so difficult to be a little considerate and let the person know so they can move on?

    I generally know who the DB’s are, and try to stay away from their LFM’s, but it seems there has been an influx of such DB(ery). I suppose they either don’t know, or don’t care that it reflects poorly on themselves and their guild when they do this. Again, it’s not everyone, some are very cool letting me know they just finished a quest, or whatever the reason.

    Anyway…my rant is over, thanks for reading

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    yup, it has been happening for a long while

    looks like tons of thelanis/ddo players lack of education, sad thing in a mmorpg

    i use to send a tell with "are u gonna accept/decline?"

    surprise me how many don't even response, what i said, education
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    Nothing new, unfortunately. There was even some back and forth a while ago where some guy whined at the whiners whining about people not responding to join requests on his LFM 'cause his time was important. The clear implication being that his time was more important than others'... must've been Khyber.

    Quote Originally Posted by MuleAxe View Post
    Having put up LFM’s myself, I understand that sometimes the request can get buried in the chat channel (especially if in a quest)
    From the "Create/Edit LFM" window, you can push "Join Requests" to detach a smaller window with join messages and shove it somewhere out of the way, then close it when your group is filled. I usually stick it over the quest objectives widget.
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