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    i am experiencing heavy lags in raids but also see some when questing alone (with hirelings). For example in the Shroud i can observe the health dropping of the boss in part 4 and 5. But from the moment he is dead to the moment he dissappears from my screen elapses more then 10 seconds. Also many mobs just warp around instead of running when this is happening.
    I think i first experienced this after U19 but might be as well U18 since i did not play often between those two updates.
    On the technical side i have an i5 (4* 3.3GHz), 16GB RAM (DDR3, 1600MHz), NVidia GTX 580 and the game is installed on a from the Windows different SSD. The internet connection is quite stable at ~1.2-1.8MB/s.
    A Friend mentioned he does not experience such lag so i am curious am i the only one around who has that and/or is there something i can try to resolve those issues?

    Thank you in advance
    - Netzteilhexer
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