Some know me on Ghallanda, as Afteristar....
My build is a Hero 34pt almost lv 28.
Can hit 1700+ HP and no stalwart stance active.

Unarmed Heavy DPS Build, fully self sustainable.
Just some information about his handwraps i'd like to share with you guys...
People who say Alchemical isn't worth the grind... I agree but for handwraps and monks; it's a whole other ball game.

Triple Infused Air Alchemical Handwraps

Cold Iron (ED)
Evil Outsider Bane (ED)
Holy (ED)
Pure Good (ED)
Red Slot - Good
Force Damage
Electric Storm
+2 Alchemical Dex
Lightning Strike
Doublestrike 6%
Shocking Burst
Stunning +10
Heightened Awareness 4
(External Effects
+6 Seeker
+3 Exceptional Seeker
Reinforced Fists
Weapon Meditation 3/3
Weapon Attachment
Holy Burst
Acid Burst
Spike Studded
Glass Jaw Strike
+4 Sneak Attack Damage

I have seen this build setup out DPS anyone, (Full barbs, AA's) in raids with no problem...
(and he isn't even fully DPS specced)
Mostly because the build achieves a very high double strike chance along with a melee speed of 45% along with the Alchemical Wraps he achieves a very high, stable dps which never drops.

More information send me a tell, or private message!
check out gameplay of Star on youtube:

- Afteristar