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    Default With Benifits (Moved from Melee)


    Ive been thinking on what i should do cause im coming back again (U19) and since u have Vet2 been messing around with characters and it seems it is kinda easy to do a Melee/Caster. Ive brought it down to 3 Classes, Arti (Melee), Bard, and Cleric. My only concers are:

    -Will Arti Spell Damage be higher than Bard and Cleric Damage spells casue im using insightful damage to hit?
    -If im bard and im a 2h melee bard will my Otto's Sphere or Irresistable dance land at all on hard or elite dungeons (level 15+)?
    -Which one of the 3 is more Noob Friendly and not as Gear intensive?
    -Is arti spells good (damage ones)?

    Mainly i just have as ill probally go drow cause they have alot of stat boosts and i said 2h but maybe 2 weapon if possible with Scimmy. And Id perfer to have some good self heals.

    Thanks so much for ur co-operation and sorry for reposting just i thought it would go better in this Sub form.
    Shaman Class?

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    AFAIK, Insightful Strikes/Damage only applies to the weapon's damage. However, Enchanted Weapons on a spell casting implement does something special.

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    Well the OP is probably already to L12 with whatever he chose, but if anyone else is wondering...

    Cleric: good self heals, heavy armor, Smite Foe, few offensive spells. Con: no Martial profs except your Favored Weapon, slowest DPS of the three options.
    Bard: decent self heals, better offensive/CC options than Cleric. Cons: you have to pump CHA for your spellcasting to do much, spreads your points thin. Lackluster enhancement trees.
    Arti: good self heals if WF, mediocre if fleshie. Bonus feats. Ranged damage option, best DPS spellbook of these 3. Versatile, with trapping, and probably the best SLAs too. Con: really need WF to shine, especially a first-lifer.

    My vote for noob friendly, gear friendly is Arti if you have WF, Cleric if not. Bard is still too much a mediocre, not-quite-fleshed-out class, too reliant on a bunch of variably stacking buffs and slow-casting songs, in a game that's now about fast pace and stacking passive bonuses.

    Also, in any case, you're probably going to want to splash something. I recommend /2 Rogue, you get a lot for your money there.

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