My first problem is that, when the update to named items happened, not everything was updated, and many items were ignored. If you must make a change to loot tables, Turbine, please change EVERYTHING, otherwise some items become useless, which in turn leads to less people running certain content, which in turn leads to a general consensus that some content is not worth spending money or time on. This is bad for the game.

Also, raids are inconsistent, too. Take FoT and CitW for example: FoT is just one long fight and automatically gives a heroic commendation upon completion. In CitW, the raid is fairly long due to all the running, mandatory trash mobs fights and mini-bosses. Furthermore, it's resource-intensive, since Lolth's spellpoint-draining attacks force players to use up more resources than in other raids. And despite the fact that CitW can give up to 6 chests, it's not uncommon for players running normal or even hard and finding that only one or two people in the group have gotten Heroic Commendations. I'm also troubled by how all of the loot in CitW is just weapons, too. Traffic in this raid could be increased by offering named non-weapon items of suitable potency.

These two problems are interconnected. Raids and raid loot are a staple of this game. Players tend to expect both in content. When the quality of the loot compared to newer stuff drops, they probably won't run it very often, if at all.

So here are some suggestions...

For items:
-Give slots to named items that don't have them, unless you find that the item in question is already powerful enough.
-Please undo the latest change to random loot tables, or at least give more variety of loot. Too much sameness is boring.
-Make plans to phase out epic crafting, and possibly update/upgrade the affected items. (Barring epic sword of shadows)

For raids:
-Make an epic version of every raid, and epic versions of the prerequisites for those quests. No need to make a new storyline, just make epic difficulties.
-The exception to the above would be Tower of Despair. Simply increase the quest levels of all quests in the Amrath pack by 2 and adjust the base experience upwards.
-The other exception to the first point would be Shroud. It works, so there is no need to fix it.