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    Default Green Steel advice please

    I have just completed my 20th Shroud run and acquired the cleansing thingamybob. What would be best to craft for a Halfling Dex/int assassin. I already have a pair of hp/fort bracers and a rad rapier. Or should I just use the ings to craft another weapon?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you
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    Due to the change in the bonuses given by green steel (to skills), these are what I am going to change my rogue's current GS gloves for:

    Currently, he has triple air gloves:

    He will continue to use the triple air gloves until level 20, then swap to the aspect of ice gloves. He also wears concordant opposition goggles:
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    I made a Lit2 to go with my Rad2. Things died even faster.

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