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    Post Wtb tp

    Thing's I have to offer.
    EH GH
    Jeweled Cloak +2 Insightful Dex 1x
    Jeweled Cloak +7 Con 2x
    Jeweled Cloak +7 Dex 1x
    Jeweled Cloak+7 int 1x
    Mantle of the dragonfriend 2x
    Bronze Ingot 1x
    Copper Ingot 2x
    Silver Ingot 1x
    Hammer Of the Leaden clouds 2x
    The Mountains Fist 3x
    Great Axe Of The Chained Soldier 1x
    Allegiance 2x
    Tortured LiveWood Bow 2x
    Madstone Skull 2x
    Sky Vault Shield 3x
    Bulwark Of The Storm's Fist 1x
    Jorgundals Collar 4x
    Intricate Field Optic's +8wis 1x
    Gloves Of The Forgotten Craft 1x
    Ring Of The StormReaver Prophecy 1x
    Manacles Of Ceaseles's Toil 2x
    Giant Craft Siberys Compass 1x
    Arcing Sky 2x
    The Turmoil Within 2x
    Belt Of The Seven Idol's 2x
    Girdle Of Giant's Brawn 1x
    Intricate Field Optic's +3 Int

    EN GH
    Ghost Waking Cloak 1x
    Bronze Ingot 1x
    Axe Of Adaxus 1x
    Crystalline Scepter 1x
    Tortured LiveWood Bow 1x
    Death's Locket 1x
    Ancient Band 1x
    Ring Of Shadow's 1x
    Ring Of The Dinjinn 2x
    Kardin's Eye 1x
    Belt Of The Seven Idol's 2x
    Dagger Tooth's Belt 1x
    Girdle Of Giant's Brawn 1x

    200 Giant Restored Relics-15kpp each.
    Flawless Blue 40+
    Flawless Black 40+
    Flawless White 40+

    Random Item's/Stuff
    69 Maj Pot's
    Goggles +8Cha/Saves ML 25.
    Ring +8con/7% Dodge ml 24
    Goggles +8cha/17+ Spell craft ML 25
    Helmet +8cha/13+ haggle ML 24


    Wis +3 3x
    Cha +3 2x
    Dex +3 2x
    Int +3 1x
    Str +3 1x
    Con +3 1x
    Wis +2 1x
    Cha +2 2x
    Dex +2 2x

    And 4mil plat.
    Pm me we can make a deal, .

    Mail Voxer Ingame
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