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    Default Xadin's small scale trades

    This is not meant to be a permanent or large scale trade thread like some of you uber leet people have,

    But there are a very few things I am not having good luck finding on my own, and a few things that I have found and have no use for but someone else might. I also don't pay huge attention to the relative value of things, so basically make any offer, including combinations, you think is fair. If it sounds beneficial to me and no one made a better offer, we'll be in business.

    What I have to trade:
    EE Master’s Riposte (random effect is 6-24 force damage)
    EE Frostbite Blade
    EE Helm of the White Dragon (+8 Con version)
    EE Shield of Morning (random effect is axeblock 14)
    EE Gloves of the Forgotten Craft
    EE Nether Grasps
    EE Daggertooth’s Belt
    EE Arkats Cord
    1 Otto Box

    What I am looking for:
    EE Gloves of the Master Illusionist
    +10 or 11 Health Bracers of Dodge (preferably with a slot)
    +10 charisma, dexterity, strength items (any type of item is ok)
    High Quality +10 or +11 one handed caster sticks
    Possibly large quantities of plat

    Reply to this thread, PM me, or find me in game if you are interested.

    I am NOT looking for Otto boxes, astral shards, or anything else that can be purchased in the ddo store.
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    removed ee ancient band from wants
    added +10 str, dex, chr items to wants.
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