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    Evasion is great if you have a good reflex save. I splashed 2 levels of monk and 2 levels of paladin on my arti which gave me evasion and a workable save. My reflex save wasn't good enough without the 2 paladin levels which buffed my saves by 8 without having to use twist spots (cha 12 + 4 tome + 7 item + 1 exceptions + 2 insightful)
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    Several characters on Sarlona all starting with "Rand" in the Guild "Guardians of House Cannith". My main four characters are Randowl (20 Warlock EA DPS Build), Randslar (Bard 14 / Fighter 4 / Rogue 2 Swashbuckler), Randek (Druid CC Caster 17/Fvs 3) and Randomall (Rogue 20 assassin).

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllisDee37 View Post
    Well, non-evasion characters take a ton of fire damage in that quest from all the fire elementals. I'm guessing they never hurt you at all.
    Every time someone yells, kill the elementals first or something like that, I remember why I find evasion so awesome.

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