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    Default Confession Time

    Hi. So yeah, I've been playing since 2009 (and my wife since 2011) and we loooove the game.
    We were premium up until I got my wife into it and she wanted both of us to just go VIP (in 2011).
    We've TR'd 2 sets of characters, done almost all of the content and have been in multiple Cove & Mabar groups ( I have an impressive number of skeletal dragon scales)


    We've never done a raid.
    Not really anyways (running level 5 Chronoscope at 18 doesn't really count)
    We're flagged for MANY. Just never took the step to reach out to other players (which is funny considering how quickly we do it for Cove & Mabar).

    Can anyone give up pointers on how to start? Which groups/guilds are willing to take newbies? We've studied them (raids) lots in the forums and DDOWiki- and just chickened out whenever we saw a post complaining about noobs in raids.

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    Tips? Have the sound ON for the DM and quest effects.

    I still remember seeing Velah for the first time, so long ago.

    Have fun - same as any other quest, just a few extra people along for the ride.

    P.S. I would go in Order of level and/or development: TS, Dragon, Titan, DQ, Reaver, Black Abbot, Shroud, ToD, MA, LoB and then newer ones.
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    I see you're on Thelanis.

    We have a helper channel. We're mostly Eastern Time afternoon/evening folks, and it has been a bit quiet lately, but hopefully will pick up now that summer's over.

    If you have characters on Sarlona, its channel is supposed to be well-populated, but I can't speak from experience. Cannith has a new program.
    I Cannith-craft (150 levels in all schools) for free on Thelanis if you provide all needed materials.
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    Be able to at least hear people with mics
    Be in a good destiny if it's an epic raid
    Have a stack of 100 remove curse potions
    Let the raid leader know you're new
    Ask questions if you don't understand
    Don't click anything unless told to
    Stay right with the group unless told to split a different way (von5 north passage I'm looking at you)

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    Ahh just be able to hear the mics if you got a sounds problem just say hey my sound card is freaking out mind if I join you?

    Be attentive as to learn the aspects of the raid.

    I never understood the no noobs thing anyway we were all new once.

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    Ask questions, either have ears or tell leader before you join that you don't.

    I'd also say it's my first time... Some people would kick you for that (bah), most would just explain it to you. Oh, I second the notion of not clicking stuff. (Unless you're told to. Ah, the joys of first timers in Shroud... Not that many exist. /sigh)

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    In most cases just tell the leader of group that your new to raid and communicate. Unless its a private or epic elite selective run, most pugs have no problem talking first timers as long as you let them know and are willing to learn and listen. Right now it seems the amount of raid pugs is slow at the moment because of the raid counter issues. I havnt had a ton of time to play but if me or my guild run a raid you are always welcome. We are all about having fun and don't mind teaching new folk.
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