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    Default Human enhancements looks very useful!

    Hi, I have a human rogue and I was looking at my enhancements and wow, I don't know which ones to pick! I am going assassin, but I thought about taking some enhancements. in the human tree.

    Don't count me out: Looks very useful, you need -30 hp to die and you get 10 phys. res when under 50% hp.
    I duo with my gf and since we are new to the game we do die once in a while lol.

    Action surge: It looks very good, I could get 3 int each time I use an action boost. Would it be worth it to add 3 dex too?

    I am new at this game so maybe I am looking at it the wrong way, so I am looking forward to hear your thoughts.

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    I bought the Improved Recovery line for my human character so I could get better healing amplification. A very good one to get for a lower level rogue is the skills boost in the core abilities. The +4 to all skills is awesome for searching and disabling traps. The +int when you use it seems like a good combo too.

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    A quick note on the action boost.

    If the stat you are boosting is odd, the +1 gives you a +1 to skills, +2 gives you +1 to skills, +3 gives you +2 to skills.
    If the stat you are boosting is even, the +1 gives you a +0 to skills, +2 gives you +1 to skills, +3 gives you +1 to skills.

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    I am a major fan of Healing Amp.

    (and GH)
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