"There's a Gaw Damnd vampire sitting right in the middle of these fine citizens of Stormreach" broke the festive air of the Wayward Lobster as three of Stormreach's finest palidins closed in on the unholy creature.

"By decree of the Lords of Stormreach, undead are not allowed within the city limits." spoke the Paladin decked in White Dragon Plate Armor to the vile creature before him.

The vampire was unresponsive, almost dismissive to these three warriors of God.

"Die you vampire scum!" cried the Warforged Pillar of Light as the 3 paladins hit there Turn Undead abilities simultaneously. The vampire erased from existence. All the while, the noble patrons of this eatery were unaware of the peril they had just been saved from.

But gather in my neighbors, for there are dark schemes afoot. It seems these hailed warrior heroes of ours have been taken. Oh how the unDEad gods of VileneSs have laid low these three humble servants of light. So beware Ghallanda, oh beware. As the sun sets on the harbor this dreary night I fear there are no heroes to save us from the unliving nastiness that is afoot.