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    Quote Originally Posted by THOTHdha View Post
    But then again, being a bad idea hasn't stopped many of the changes done over the last year.
    Thank you, I laughed so hard reading this.

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    Ive had the same problem, but i percepted it is a problem with disspell. When you get dispelled some of your buffs stay in your buff bars but in reality they are gone. Came to this conclusion from the fact that every time my buffs were not working i got a dispell not long before.

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    I'll tell you if you take care of your own curses.


    It clearly is not working the way we've known it to work.

    If it is intentional, I think it's ridiculous. What's the point of having protections and buffs if they keep getting nerfed to the point of not even being worth the SP to cast? If you think something is too easy, throw in a few dispelling mobs.
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