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    Default Stupid question (sorry) - monk/arti/fighter...

    Hello, expert builders.

    First up, I've discovered that my true love in DDO is Artificers. I just love em. They're too cool for school, the bee's kness, the wasp's ankles, the dog's...personality...and many more animal based similes that I am sure you can think of for yourself.


    I've been trying to meld Art with Monk, and damn it's hard. I've never played a monk, so I'm crippled by newbility (newbosity? newberation? newblessness?) every step of the way.

    What I want from Arti: Repeater damage. Nothing else. Don't care about the runearm, don't care about bastard sword, just repeater.

    What I want from Monk: Saves, movement, immunities, stances, faster move and all of the other monk goodies.

    What I want from a third class: Dunno. Doesn't really necessarily have to be one. But the Kensei centered thing looks nice, if it only worked with non-melee weapons... :/

    Is it possible to actually put these together? I believe I want to be centered using a repeater, but I do NOT have a good understanding of centered, and what it does for a monk. Is it necessary? Can I still get monk goodness without centering?

    I also don't really know where to put my stats. I'm planning to go Elf for next TR (for a couple of reasons, including flavour), and my inclination is to go all-out Int, which works nicely with Insightful damage. But that's not exactly a monk stat...

    Can anyone advise me before I have to either struggle through 20 levels of nastiness?



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    Replying to my own thread, heh

    Got this on the wiki:

    Developer Notes on Armor Class and Centering
    The Monk's Wisdom-based Armor Class bonus does not fully rely on the Centered state. This bonus has the same armor, shield, and encumbrance requirements as centered, but the Monk's weapons don't matter. A Monk still gets this bonus if he is uncentered only because of his weapons. This is intentional:
    Originally Posted by Eladrin Source
    The monk wisdom (and class) bonus to armor class should essentially function "by the book". This bonus should be lost if wearing any armor, using a shield, or encumbered. It does not check for ki weapons however - it's less restrictive than the monk abilities that require one to remain centered.
    So I should still be centered using a repeater? For AC at least? Saves? I can't decipher this....can anyone help?


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