I need to get 3 ranger past lives for a build I want to do fourth life.

I have decided first life to go 11 ranger (Full twf feat chain -- could be persuaded to go 12th level ranger if that's when I get more spells) / 6 fighter (Kensai chain & feats) / 3 monk (For fists of light & undead killers for easier levelling/soloing).

So my thoughts are 11 Ranger/6 Fighter/3 Monk...

What would you recommend?

Bare in mind this build is already in progress - currently just swinging around a great axe to fly through early levels with 2 monk levels done and working up fighter before getting my ranger levels.

Have thought about artificer but have never played one before so don't know if it would be a good idea, or not...

Any input is appreciated,