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I take your point.

Having said that, I think Past Life benefits and Twist of Fate benefits are like comparing easter eggs and enormous 4000 ton chocolate bunnies that could feed Africa indefinitely.

Ranged characters:
Probably want to be in fury. But need Pin and Otto's Whistler; a level 3 and 2 twist. That's a whole lot of plodding around the destiny map.

Melee dps characters:
Either want to be in fury or dreadnaught. But need either legendary tactics or sense weakness from the corresponding tree (as well as cocoon).

Want Energy Burst if in magister/shiradi, and +3 DCs from magister if in draconic. And spell pen from draconic and fatesinger's Echoes if primarily in magister.

The differences between those characters with and without twists is so large I consider those abilities basically obligatory to get at some point if you want to meaningfully finish your character. Past lives not so much.
While your correct about the inequality in the above comparison to some extent there is also one other fundamental difference. While TRing is an inherent aspect of the game, and one can easily earn TR hearts in game via challenge material exchange, and is safe to say is a core aspect to DDO( going so far as to comment on the extreme saves of mobs in elite dif and the virtual NEED to have ground out all the relevant past life benefits to optimally play a DC specced caster.

Meanwhile ED are entirely OPTIONAL one has to pay for the access to them, and then have the will and inclination to level them up. Not to mention a build viable enough on its own power that the ED abilities are complimentary rather then essential.

So while anyone through simple play with a desire to explore various classes can enjoy and work through TRing EDs and their associated benefits are not meant to be foundation blocks for a builds ability. This seems blatantly apparent to myself.

So while all those things you list may be indeed things certain play styles crave, they must not be seen nor treated as things a player must have for any content. Even EE should not be designed around the abilities of EDs. EDs should be the super powers we persue to reduce challenge, not to aquire it then demand more challenge.

Thats what so many here still will forever seem to not grasp, in PnP the point to gain power is to be more capable and have an easier time of overcoming foes. This is especially true of wizards, who as the campaign progresses it becomes impossible for a DM to create encounters that will challenge a truly crafty wizard player while not totally castrating the rest of the party. granted some special enemy groups exist to greatly curtail a wizard like good old beholders and golems, but again a wizard will if smart have means to easily dispatch both foe types.

From the scarab of golem bane making every golem a piece of tissue to a piece of fragile glass acting as the vessel for a single use spell casting item to hold a true strike so you simply crush the object while its in a little sack, casting the spell and throw the broke glass at the beholder. its eyes are all going bye bye for the immediate future and it goes bye by soon after.

So while you want to say ED this and that are what you need to make a complete character that is not how Turbine sees it or ED would never have been made an optional aspect of the game.

Until they just make ED part of epic lvls and not an addition arguments like your own will always fall flat. Why? Because believe it or not I personally encounter many in the 20+ game on DDO not using ED. They simply refuse to P2W and ED are that at its most blatant. If you oppose blatant P2W and use ED your a hypocrite of the worst kind.