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No problem, but why must it be in a way that isn't as fun as it could be? I mean I've earned money working on a factory production like as well as in many much more satisfying (and yes often fun) jobs and given the choice, I wouldn't go the production line rout. But it seems Turbine thinks that's the choice their players want, so that's what they are selling us.

It isn't even a case of catering to the lowest common denominater here as the requested changes would only add options, not change them. So those who feel they have to do things the current way to have earned them could still do so without making those of us who don't agree do so also.
While we're at it, could I please get my ranger past lives while I'm leveling as an artificer, or vice versa? This is, after all, what is being requested. The ability to level up as Destiny X while playing Destiny Y. "But Rob, we only want the Fate Point credit", which comes from reaching milestones in each Destiny. It boils down to my opening question, getting credit for a past life that I didn't play because grinding out all the past lives I want for my character is boring, I mean, I have to play the same quests over and over ad nauseum, some lives completely gimped compared to what I'm used to, to get the [st]fate points[/st] past life feats I want. I mean, how dare Turbine actually expect me to play as something to get credit for playing as something, right? It's just not as fun as it could be...