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    Default Question about daily playthrough bonus

    I may have missed this somewhere (my seach-fu seems to be failing me), but is there some definitive answer on when the daily playthrough bonus resets?

    The thing is, I am often changing timzones as my job takes me on quite a few travels, and I often have DDO running in the background while at work (sometimes I'll just hang out and chat in the general, trade advice or guild chats, sometimes I'll craft occasionally, and even run the odd quest now and then), but in the evenings is when my partner and I meet up and do some serious questing with the guild, fiends or pugs. Through all of this I have not been especially mindful of the daily playthrough bonus reset time, or when I have, I have remembered to check I not been able to ascertain when it resets.

    Any clarification is appreciated.

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    18 hours after you play a quest it's a new day for that quest. Each quest has its own "day" timer.

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