Allright so first off. Im no slouch, general I am able to solo just about anything except most epic elites. Raids withstanding. Anyways my main LvL 18 10 druid/6Monk / 2 Fighter, Just took on and completed Heroic Elite Thrill of the Hunt. This was such a pain that it took two hires in the end, and myself. The Shadar Kai are way OP with their swinging ball and chain attack and really for a CR 23 they have a ton more hit points than all other CR 23's I have run into in other quests. Heck I dont even have this much of a problem when I ran EH VON last life. But seriously -80% dmg, the slow attack speed as well?! Grouping 6 of them in one room is insane. And then we have the howler mobs, their quill stacking pain every 2 seconds for one minute is too extreme. I had a stack of 10 on me with 36 damage every two second. You cant save against the damage, or dispel or remove in any way. The end fight was beyond anything it should be and to say nothing of the rewards. Well nothing really is what it was.

Base XP of like 3,600. Really?! This is an uber quest for its level and took 36 minutes to complete, sure dont care about completion time, but 9,977 XP for everything the quest throws at you. And the loot roll.
Proof against poison +6 belt of seeker +2
151 platinum pieces
Heroic Deeds

I feel really super jipped on this one