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    Default What have you done with the Gold Roll Cosmetics? And why?

    Dear Turbine and Quartermasterx;

    First, let me thank you for the XP drops in the daily dice rolls, I think everybody is happy to have them.
    But I only recently noticed after closer examination that in addition, you had removed the cosmetic prizes without a discernible mention, to my dismay and considerable consternation.

    I can't speak for anyone else, but the cosmetic prizes were my only real motivation for dutifully playing the gold rolls. For some, cosmetics weren't the primary draw, but for me personally, the consumable boosts awarded are at best transient conveniences that are better purchased by turbine points at the moment of need than hoarded into our already cramped inventories when they are randomly bestowed. But the cosmetics were something else to strive for- they offered a slim but real opportunity to change your character's presentation permanently, and a slimmer chance still to do so in a way exclusive to the roll. The Thinking Cap and the beach rags, the Robe of Ice, all called to me.

    I stocked all the prizes away on a character that quickly became a mule of unused slayer boosts and crafting elixirs, but the only thing that brought me back was the chance at those cosmetics. I've probably spent well over 1000 shards rolling for them specifically, and I've won a few store-sold versions, but I wanted more. I waited months eagerly for the new cosmetic helms announced here for the rolls, and instead they vanished away entirely, without announcement and without justification. If it hadn't been for another post on the forums, I probably wouldn't have noticed the probability shift for a long time, random rewards being what they are.

    I never complained about the collectibles or the slayer boosts or the other dross that packed the daily roll- the random chance is part of the compelling nature of loot in the game; if we could just get only valuable items it would be essentially the store and the rarity and exclusivity would be lost. And I can understand if some preferred their boosts to the cosmetics. It seemed to be a fine compromise that there was something desirable for everyone in the rolls, and the boosts were far more probable than the cosmetics, but now there's nothing desirable to me that can't be had cheaper in the store or on the exchange than the cost of the shards.

    Speaking of what's available in the store, and not, what happens to all the daily roll exclusive cosmetics mentioned above? Are they now completely unobtainable? Cosmetic legacy items for the people who could afford to spend more freely than us who could not or did not? I do appreciate exclusivity but not permanently unobtainable exclusivity, especially when it occurred without warning or notice to those of us who were pacing ourselves.


    I really would like an answer to these questions:
    Why were the cosmetics removed from the roll?
    What will happen to the cosmetics only obtainable through the roll?
    And is there a chance they will return to the rolls in the future? What can I, as a consumer and avid player, do to maximize this chance?

    Cosmetically yours,
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