I was a subscriber for years but left a bit before the last expansion.
1-I dont expect to play the whole game for free.
2 -I get that I could play without some features but Im really only interested in games where I can can play the end game on a mostly even playing field.

The costs I see if i get back into the game.

-first expansion
-second expansion
-greater heroic xp tome(at least one maybe 2)
-greater epic xp tome(at least one maybe 2)
-the warp on log in thing
(This is deciding to do with out the large variety of consumables also available for cash)

This is well over $100 on top of a subscription.
Thats really just too much.

You need to get back to a program where paying $15 a month means you can earn xp as fast as anyone and you have access to conveniences bonuses in game.
I do understand paying for expansions(new content) but you need to do like other MMos and offer all older expansion with the newest expansion for free or for cheap - such as $10.
And I totally understand paying extra for cosmetics and I dont even mind res cakes and xp pots.
If I could sub for 6 months and pay say ~$40 for the expansion and be totally set -that would seem cool.

Its not helping you make money when a returning or new player looks ate the cost of just being "competitive" in the end game and decides that over $100 plus subscription just isnt worth returning.