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    Default Ranger Tempest Enhancement questions

    Haven't played DDO since the level cap was 18. Never played a ranger before.

    I am curious what people think of these enhancements:
    Growing Storm
    Thousand Cuts
    Dance of Death
    Elaborate Parry
    Evasive Dance

    Just wondering which ones are good, bugged or where you would only take 1 rank or all 3, etc.'

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    Evasive Dance is very good, in other words you gain improved evasion.
    Elaborate Parry is a prereq for ev. dance, so I would take it aswell. I think it ignores dodge cap, if so it's quite valuable.
    A Thousand Cuts allows you to deal an incredible amount of damage in 6 seconds, every 2 minutes. Cooldown is a bit too long.

    Anyway, try them all, then spend plat and pick what suits your playstyle more.

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