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    Default The Way of the Pointy Stick

    Okay I have read soooooooo many different threads about the ultimate staff wielder build, that I had to create my own. Some background first. I am an admitted altaholic. I have twenty characters on sarlona. The oldest is an AA almost done with it's third life. I have only ever reached twenty on 4 of my characters, though two of those have TRed several times. My youngest epic character is a horc acrobat that has LRed about 7 times moving into various builds, and is currently a pure rogue legendary dreadnaught. That character's sole purpose is to hit thing's with a stick as hard as he can, till it stops moving.

    This build is does not have the same purpose.

    12 monk
    6 rogue
    2 fighter

    str 14
    dex 16-level ups here
    con 14
    wis 16

    assuming use of tomes to meet prereqs

    7 normal
    point blank shot
    precise shot
    ten thousand stars
    rapid shot
    many shot
    improved critical ranged
    improved precise shot

    2 fighter
    great cleave

    3 monk
    power attack
    zen archery

    Add pinion and syreth, the best pointy stick and the best pointy stick launcher. Use dex to hit and damage for quarterstaffs. Use dex for damage with longbows and dex or wisdom for to hit with bows. Use dex for reflex saves, and use both dex and wisdom for AC. Use wisdom for 10k stars.

    Let me know what you think and how it might be optimized.
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