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    Default No longer needed - please ignore

    EDIT: No longer needed. I've settled on a Bladeforged Pala 2/Arti 13+. I've left original text below in case anyone has a different or better suggestion

    Hi all,

    I'm thinking of making a few Iconic alts, not really to be played to any degree but instead to farm out The Shroud for mats for my main char to make Green Steel items. I have access to the Bladeforged Pala, and the PDK.

    Can anyone recommend a build which would be useful for:

    a) Soloing (I have no objection to grouping but I play odd hours) the 4 flagging quests
    b) Between these and S/R/E in the Vale levelling to say 17 or 18 reasonably quickly
    c) Being useful for something in the Shroud itself

    Much appreciated

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